Fees and Terms

For sellers with buyback option we offer collateralized program, giving you an easy way to collect money without any credit checks or financial disclosures. You can use valuable items you already own to quickly obtain the cash flow you need, whether you seller with buyback option or sell  (without option) your item.

Even though the usual monthly holding, storage fee  in US for is 20%, we are offering discounts to the customers who need it most. Please see the table below for details.


The monthly holding, storage fee (including all fees) is determined by your item value, according to the following rules:

Annual Holding, Storage Fee 30 days Rate + Fees
$0-$15,000 (item value over $1000)    12%
$15,000-$30,000 or value  $500-$1000    16%
No Proof of Income (or value under $500)    20%
*Rates may vary according to item type    10-20%

To caver our expenses VIPawn Shop will pay to sellers with buyback option  between 40-80% for your item. For example, if you’re selling gold chain (or the item value is over $1700) and you are looking for a $1000, you will have to pay $120 monthly fees. We strongly encourage our customers to use  buyback option only as a short-term. 

Other Stores have a flat fee rate of 20%, without consideration of your( sell with buyback) amount. In this case you would pay $200 in fee for a $1000 .

Our storage fee a term length of 30 days plus a 30-day grace period. As long as the fee is paid, the Storage Fee are renewable 100%. The minimum period for storage time is 48 hours, the maximum 60 days.

Fee amount can be made by card. Principal must be paid in cash.


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